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Yeah, I'm Becky. I'm alright. I like stuff like drawing and food. I don't really like drawing food, or drawing with food. I like watching anime. I dislike typing.

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Posted by BeckyRawr - August 26th, 2013

You should go like my page. It is the right thing to do LIKELIKELIKELIKE

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Facebook is scary! How have you been? It's been a while since you posted anything :(

I KNOW I SUCK! I'm moving house pretty soon so I've been so busssyyyyy (sitting on my are doing nothing)
I just updated my art thread though. I'm going to try and update as much as I can! Once I'm moved I'll be able to post loads more :3

I hate when my internet life has to take a backseat to reality... I have to move too, but there's metric tons of shit to move first (Pop was a metal hoarder) and I don't want to lose my childhood home/farm.

The hell is that? Whatever it was it wasn't facebook.

I saw an interesting request from you on the front page.... I can be at the airport in an hour ;)


No one expects the spanish inquisition either, but lol and behold....


Sooo, it's been just over a year since you said you were moving. Did it happen? Are you in a better place now?

Gah it was awful. I moved back home aha

Hm, sounds like there were roaches on 6, 4 and 2 legs about... Mom and Dad got a bit more accepting of you when you returned?

Yeah! Sometimes it's just hard to get on with family when you live with them but things are going better this time around

After I lost my Ma, I lost my job. Then I basically was starving and cold afterwards, then I had to move in with my Pop... not an easy transition, as his ego was the size of Rushmore. We got along a lot better after the 'houseguests' left. Not easy being friends with your parents sometimes.

Aw no, I'm sorry to hear that things were so bad :( but i'm glad things got better. How are you anyway?

Lonely. After my folks died, my brother and sister flew in, gutted the farm and left. Still heart sore all those antiques and tools went for a lot less than my Pop bought them for, which was practically nothing. Plus one of my cats got run over yesterday, she survived getting caught up inside the truck when I started it 2 years ago, but not the road... and I have a bad toothache just now

Had to ask, right?

ah shit. ._. I'll just go sit in the corner and cry. I'M SORRY.

Oh don't be, it's the fortunes of war. My tooth's better, I just let the 'bad' bugs grow back again, going to make an appointment today to get them yanked out (still have two 'wisdom' teeth left).

How about you, any unresolved struggles, pain, scurry, strife?

I was pretty bummed before but went out last night with some awesome people that cheered me right up xD
I also have pretty bad toothache. Wish i could just get them all taken out and have fake ones!

No awesome people around me, just relatives that live far enough away...

Hmm, lots of things to try: bite some cheese, the enzymes in that get rid of some bad germs - also prevent air hitting it; massage the gum around the tooth; a cotton swab with alcohol might kill off the infection - rubbing alcohol at those miniscule levels won't kill you/make you blind...