2013-08-26 10:31:33 by BeckyRawr

You should go like my page. It is the right thing to do LIKELIKELIKELIKE

I need inspiration!

2013-07-24 19:56:26 by BeckyRawr


selling Meryl for money stuff

2013-06-28 12:44:47 by BeckyRawr

it's on eBay.
go buy it.

Money is going towards art supplies so I can do more arts.


2013-05-04 21:29:22 by BeckyRawr



2013-03-27 10:05:50 by BeckyRawr

College is taking up a lot of my time. I'll try and post updates in my art fourm (here) when I can :D

Also, GW2.......it's addictive.

Oh nooooo :[

2012-10-20 06:41:17 by BeckyRawr

Sadly my laptop has decided to kill itself. Shot itself in the hard drive. Fucking selfish piece of shit it is. I've lost all of the pictures i was working on so i only have the stuff i've done on paper and what I have posted to my art thread.

In short, I probably won't be able to post anything new. Unless i use the computer i am typing on right now, but that will involve moving too much and moving is like exercise and that just makes me depressed.

I will be working on my comic very soon though. Just need to sketch out characters and do a draft. So I dare you to look forward to it.

I forgot to update this..

2012-09-14 13:53:21 by BeckyRawr

So yes, I have been back for a while now. And i am please to say my art has indeed improved (huzzah!)

I am attending an art course at college (Masters degree) It's 3 years and i'm really looking forward to what i can accomplish in that amount of time.
The only problem is I am very poor and i am not receiving any financial aid.

So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make money, that doesn't involve getting a job (I will be getting a part time job when i can but can't at the moment, not enough time)
I was thinking about doing some commissions for people but I doubt anyone would buy them off me, But if anyone is intrested please get in touch. I really would not charge much at all. (about £5)

And no i am not pimping myself out. Before anyone says that.

Not quite back yet.

2012-07-11 10:47:44 by BeckyRawr

I won't be posting anything in a while still. I am lazy, pathetic and stupid when it comes to doing things.
I need to get over these bad habits before I can do anything.
Sorry if anyone has missed my AMAZING company /sarcasm.

There's also some personal fucking crap in that REAL LIFE of mine.
But yes don't worry I won't be going into detail about it and boring all you lovely people with it.

If anyone has any tips on how not to be a lazy mother fucker. That would be great.

Heres an awesome song that cheers me up <3


2012-05-12 08:54:46 by BeckyRawr

I have decided to put the next week into getting the first 10 or so pages out for my comic!
I would tell you what it's called but I.....haven't really thought of a name...

My comic will be about a boy (about 19) called Rick, he's cute, shy and clumsy.
He has dreams of da future! OMG! But his world (the real world) Isn't real, it's actually a complicated computer system to keep prisoners and people they see as a threat.

Sake, is sent into this 'matrix' to save Rick.
Adventures unfold yadda yadda..more to come.

If anyone has any name ideas, they are very welcome :D

Now heres a video of a song stuck in my head

Well hello there! :33

2012-05-03 12:20:14 by BeckyRawr

It seems like I have been drawing none stop since I got my graphics tablet.

But how else am I going to improve, ey?
Colouring and shading is still my weakness (nuuu it burns!)
If not I will have to hang my head in shame for....about all eternity. Also i'll cry a lot.

Someone give me skillz :(